Art Guidelines

Here are some tips for best results on your SpinCardz!
  1. Acceptable file types are .pdf, .eps, .ai, or .svg. We highly recommend using a .pdf format. For all applicable file formats, ensure all layers are flattened and fonts converted to outlines. At this time we are unable to use any non-vector artwork to produce SpinCardz.
  2. Image size is 2.835 x 1.693" (72 x 43mm), we do not require bleeds to be included. Please be mindful of the center button, as it will be engraved but is separated from the main card area. It is advisable to not have any information cross between the main card area and the button as there will be a gap and the engraving will have a break across the two areas.
  3. Please use the provided templates to create your file. You can download one of the following formats for use in the program of your choice. When your art is complete please delete the template file and output/save your file as a .pdf.

    For vector or layout-based programs (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, etc.) use one of these files SC Template ai or SC Template .eps or SC Template .pdf

  4. Create your art as one color only (100% black). Contact us if you have questions or need help with this requirement.
  5. Save your art as high resolution, minimum 300dpi. If you use images in your design make sure that they are at least 300dpi before placing them in your design.  

Want an explanation on raster vs. vector images? Check out this quick tutorial:
Vector vs. Raster Graphics by Golden Ribbon